Making special gifts for ANY occasion

Hello, Welcome to my shop for personalized phone and iPad cases!

My name is Lili and I am the designer, printer, packager, shipper.. basically, everything from start to finish with my shop. Each of my cases are made to order to give every one of them a unique experience. Why buy a case at the mall for your phone that's made and replicated into HUNDREDS when you can buy a one of a kind, personalized case for you or anyone special!

Personalized phone cases that have names written on them gives the receiver the loving feeling that they are loved, adored and given a thoughtful gift. Gifts that is used everyday on a phone since we all live in a world where phones are like an extra set of limbs.

This business all started after being in a phone case business for over 11 years in Orlando that always had the same designs every season. It gets pretty boring quick when you see the same designs over and over again. So my husband surprised me with a "day date" to a print expo, my world of designing new cases were answered. It was shortly after that moment when I made my goals of having a new line every season into reality as I am now able to print and design anything.

Although my shop is fresh and new to Etsy, I can assure you that there is LOVE put in every single case that I sell, design, print, pack and ship!

Thank you for stopping by my Etsy shop and viewing the collection of custom cases. I hope you find the perfect gift or phone case for yourself. =)

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